Habib Kayaleh & Yehudi Menuhin - Centre de Musique Kayaleh
Concertiste de renommée internationale
Lord Yehudi Menuhin

" I am happy to learn of the existence of the Foundation Habib Kayaleh, a musician for whom I have the greatest admiration and whom I have known over a long period of years.

I trust that this will be of value in the understanding and the enjoyment of both violinists and those whom they enchant with their music. "

Habib Kayaleh & Ida Haendel - Centre de Musique Kayaleh
Concertiste de renommée internationale

Ida Haendel

" I had the opportunity to witness Prof. Habib Kayaleh in action as violinist, violin teacher, lecturer, musicologist and was tremendously impressed by his skills, knowledge and general mastery in all these areas. I consider Prof. Kayaleh’s contribution to music of great value. He and his Academy and Orchestra deserve real recognition and support to enable young generations to prepare for their careers. "

Habib Kayaleh & Viktor Pikaïsen - Centre de Musique Kayaleh
Concertiste de renommée internationale

Maestro Viktor Pikaïsen

" I am very impressed by the artistic orientation of Mr. Kayaleh’s teaching. All students, even the youngest, make music on every note. The sound they produce is remarkable, and the Maestro excells in developing their musical imagination and fantasy. Apart from their control on the quality of the sound, Mr. Kayaleh’s students impress by their understanding of musical styles. "

Habib Kayaleh & Igor Oïstrakh - Centre de Musique Kayaleh
Concertiste de renommée internationale

Igor Oïstrakh

I was very happy to hear about the successful activities of "The Kayaleh Violin Academy" under the leadership of Professor Habib Kayaleh, whom I had the pleasure to meet at the international violin course of the David Oïstrakh school in Vilnius. I have been very impressed by the skills and high professionalism of Professor Kayaleh’s daughter and pupil, Laurence. I sincerely wish to «The Kayaleh Violin Academy» fruitful endeavors for the benefit and prosperity of the art of violin.

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Le Centre de Musique Kayaleh se situe à Crans-près-Céligny, à 10 minutes du Nyon et de Coppet. Par ailleurs, son emplacement clé au bord du lac Léman permet aux élèves de participer et assister aisément aux activités culturelles majeures qui se déroulent entre Genève et Lausanne. Aussi, le Centre de Musique Kayaleh, de renommée internationale, abrite dans ses murs une prestigieuse école de musique, l’Ecole Supérieure de Musique et une Académie de Violon mondialement reconnue. L’enseignement d’excellence enveloppe différentes branches telles que l’étude du violon, du piano, de l’alto, du violoncelle, de la flûte, du solfège, de l’initiation musicale, de la musique de chambre et de l’orchestre de chambre.

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