The Ecole Supérieure de Musique was founded in 1973 by pianist Ingrid Hoogendorp and violinist Habib Kayaleh who decided to take in hand the artistic training of young musicians. Officialised in 1981, the ESM moved into its premises in 1984 and a new Conservatoire is born on Swiss grounds whose reputation, in very little time, surpassed the Swiss borders.

Encouraged by Yehudi Menuhin, and supported by cellist Pierre Fournier and pianist Nikita Magaloff, the ESM offers tuition in all major disciplines, covering the study of the piano, the violin, the viola, the cello, the classical and jazz guitar, the recorder, the transverse flute, musical theory, chamber music and orchestral training. The teaching methods are developed within the frame of great classical traditions of artistic and instrumental pedagogy, and the school is classified into elementary, secondary, superior and perfectionning sections.

The past school year gathered more than hundred musicians who studied under the direction of ten highly qualified professors. The end of every year is marked by a student concert, as well as by the traditional end-of-the-year concert given by the most brilliant students of the school. The financial situation of the school is healthy and totally independant.

The main objectives of the school's authorities aim at garanteeing a teaching of the highest standards and at developing the young musician's taste for music, whilst envelopping with care the develpment of his artistic personality.

Students studying at the ESM come from all around the world, thus conveying to the school an international character and allowing it to enjoy world acknowledgement. During the past fifteen years, more than thirty students were prize winners in national and international competitions for young soloists.

La Suisse

"...It is a cultural privilege for our country to have artistic masters of the standards of Ingrid and Habib Kayaleh..."