In this school, several instrumental branches are taught by highly qualified teachers : the piano, the violin, the viola, the transverse flute, the classical guitare and jazz improvisation.The instrumental lesson is a weekly sixty minute individual session.

The teaching is divided into three sections : Elementary, Secondary and Superior, every section of which is subdivided into five classes.

The young musicians ensemble gathers all the string and wind players of the school and initiates them to ensemble music. This precious training prepares the young musician to chamber music and to chamber orchestra, both of which constitute the most enriching and favorable means to artistic expression.

The chamber orchestra represents an important achievement in the training of the young musician whatever his future ambitions are. It is formed by the young students of the non-professionnal classes of the school who add the exciting orchestral rehearsal to their weekly socio-cultural activities.

The school's pianists are the backbone of chamber music groups, and are regularly invited to perform as soloits with the school orchestra whatever the age or the standard attained.