General Organisation

Individual Lessons

Each student has a weekly individual violin lesson of 75 minutes each.

Technical Sessions

Once a month, all students attend a two-hour collective technical session. During this session, students follow a thorough technical programme which is directly linked to the problems met with the violinist in the major repertoire.

Presentation Sessions

These sessions are intensive collective courses. Every student has to take part in them by performing a full piece of the studied repertoire.

Chamber Music

Chamber music sessions are programmed during the academic year in function of the Academy's general study programme. The results of these sessions are exposed during the annual concerts organised by the Academy.

Chamber Orchestra

The Chamber Orchestra rehearsals are planned in function of the number and periods of concerts to be held during the academic year. The Academy Chamber Orchestra has already performed in world centers, and is regularly invited to play a rich and diversified repertoire, often accompanying musicians of international renown.


The Academy provides every student with a course on pedagogy. In order to profit fully from this course, every student has to teach one or more young violinists. These lessons are given under regular surveillance.

Other Stage Performance Courses

Students follow a structured course on breathing and on relaxation. Studied techniques constitute a major and vital preparation for stage performance.


All students participate in these collective intensive classes on violin playing. During these classes, the active participant must play a complete piece of his repertoire which is commented, thoroughly studied, and analysed technically and artistically. Masterclasses are public, and are attended by a large number of specialists and music lovers.

Student's Recitals

The Academy regularly holds public recitals for students who have mastered their study programme. During these recitals, the student has to perform one piece of his programme, or a full recital programme of the studied repertoire.


During their studies, students are coached and presented to international competitions as well as to auditions held by orchestras for recruitment.


At the end of the course, a Certificate is delivered to candidates with good standards, having attended the Academy's classes and fulfilled the curriculum : violin course - chamber music - orchestra - pedagogy - recitals - public concerts. This Certificate precedes studies for the Performer Diploma delivered at the end of the Academy's Stage Performance Course, to which are entitled candidates having shown high artistic standards and mastered the basic concert repertoire, and who promise for a concert career.

Conditions for Admissions

To qualify for admission, candidates must possess a diploma delivered by a recognised training establishment for professional musicians (music academy or a similar institution). The academy also accepts young violinists who have not yet finished their studies, but who show significant artistic aptitudes. In all cases, acceptance is conditional, and is determined by an audition defining the candidate's aptitudes for an advanced musical training.